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Saw – Review October 23, 2009

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Knowing the name and genre of this film makes it fairly obvious what this film will be about, you don’t go see a film called Saw and expect to see happy little carpenters making Santa a new workbench and if that’s film is a horror film then you expect to see blood.

Directed by Australian producer/screenwriter/director James Wan. Saw is the first of a long line of grotesque horror films which have gradually got more violent and less story focused as they have gone on.

Saw  is a story about two men Adam Faulkner and Dr Lawrence Gordon who have been trapped in a disused bathroom by serial killer Jigsaw. Both Adam and Lawrence discover tapes that say play me, and after listening to them discover that Adam must escape the room but Lawrence must kill Adam by 6 o’clock. After a montage of gruesome death scenes we are back in the disused bathroom, but will Adam escape? Or will Lawrence kill him?

As with all horror films, its far to easy to give away the ending so I won’t go any further into the plot.

Saw is the first in 6 film series, as with a collection of popular horror films the sequels gradually get worse. Saw is a good solid film with a clever story, unfairly criticised by haters of the “Gore” genre who lump all the saw films into one plot-less arc. Saw stands out as something that should have ended there and then with one film much like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street. Unfortunately its a format that makes money and so will be milked for all it has. Personally I feel Saw defines the “gore” genre,

I enjoyed this film but I do have to criticise certain points, firstly a lot of the victim’s in the film seem to suffer from Stupid Victim Syndrome meaning they were in a situation where they could have triumphed but chose not to. Unfortunately the other points contain spoilers and so I will not write them on here. But all in all, Saw is a good film with an interesting story just stay away from the sequels.


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