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Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby – Review October 13, 2009

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Normally I would avoid a film about NASCAR like the plague, Im not a fan of Cars, Days of Thunder or Herbie. But when I saw the trailer for Talladega Nights, the actors drew me in.

Yes unfortunately im a sucker for Will Ferrell films, even the terrible ones like Men Seeking Women and so it was for this reason I bought the movie, I did not know at the time John C. Reilly was in it (I don’t know why) If had known this before hand I would have bought this film along time ago.

Talladega Nights is the story of Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell). Ricky Bobby works as a pitman for Dennit Racing, ever since he was a child its been his dream to “go fast” and he gets this chance,after after a uninterested team mate leaves the track. Despite starting in last place and part way through the race Ricky wins, propelling him self in to the top of NASCAR. its throughout his time in the Dennit Racing team he meets his future wife Carley and arranges for his best friend Cal Norton (John C. Reilly) to get a place on the team.

Fast forward a few years Ricky is still at the top and whilst on a night out with Cal he is challenged by a gay french Formula One turned NASCAR driver Jean Girard. (Sacha Baron Cohen) Girard slowly reaches the top of the racing world, whilst Ricky nurses a broken arm, nevertheless Ricky rushes himself back to the race track, and after pushing himself too hard ends up flipping his car.

After waking up in hospital, with a case of psychosomatic paralysis, (no that doesn’t mean he can start fires with his mind.) Cal and team member Lucius Washington (Michael Clarke Duncan) visit him to try to explain that his paralysis is in his head, after a rather disturbing point proving exercise Ricky realises he is fine and must return to the race track. Of course he is seen as unfit and consequently is dropped from the team.

After being fired Ricky goes home to find Cal has taken his place in the family home, an extremely hurt Ricky and his children move out to live Lucy, Ricky’s mother. During this time Ricky sees his father after 25 years, gets in to a car with a cougar and is chased by the police. After escaping the police and discovering a bag of Lucky Charms taped to his car Ricky visits a bar, here he meets his former assistant Susan, who tells Ricky he should return to what he loves, but can he shake off his demons in time?

Talladega Nights has its funny parts, its the type of film that is brillaint if you understand the subject matter, but its still enjoyable to those who don’t. The first time I watched Talladega Nights, I didn’t find it very funny. I don’t think I “got it” watching it for a second time I see the funny side, although its far from Adam McKay’s best film, its still pretty funny, of course, the best part of this film is the chemistry between Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, which of course spawned the hilarious Step Brothers.


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