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The Cable Guy – Review October 7, 2009

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Usually a story about stalking would be the stuff of horror films, think Halloween, Scary images of people running for there lives, screaming as they are finally caught by the villain. But that seems to be a world away from this comedic take on something that doesn’t feel like a laughing matter.

The Cable Guy, is the story of a TV obsessed “cable guy” Ernie “chip” Douglas (Jim Carey), who meets Steven Kovac (Matthew Broderick) after he arrives to install Steven’s cable. Steven who is recently separated from girlfriend Robin Harris (Leslie Mann) was given advice from friend Rick (Jack Black) to slip the cable guy $50 to get all the movie channels for free. After fixing Steven up with the channel’s Chip, takes Steven out to see the Satellite transmitter, that send television signals to the whole city, whilst discussing the role of television in their youths, Chip tells Steven how to win Robin back, by using advice he heard on Jerry Springer and telling him to invite her over to watch Sleepless in Seattle.

After becoming Chips new “best friend” Steven gets home to find 11 messages on his answer phone from Chip, fairly confused Steven receives a knock at the door, It is Robin who has arrived to watch the film. Strangely, Steven’s cable shuts down, and like clock work, he picks up the phone to hear a knock at the door, chip has arrived to save the day, or has he?

After a strange few days with Chip, Steven finally tells him to leave him alone, big mistake. Hell hath no fury like a cable guy scorned as we soon find out with the events that start unfurl, unfortunately for Steven, Robin and his family cannot see what Steven can’t see in Chip.

Of course this all comes to a climatic end upon the massive TV satellite transmitter, but will chip get his comeuppance? Or will the world go on thinking Steven is crazy?

Written by Judd Apatow, the Cable Guy is a strange directorial début for Ben Stiller, featuring a cameo of Ben Stillers friend Owen Wilson, the film is not stuck for big names, Jack Black, who was little known then is a star in his own right, and Jim Carey and Matthew Broderick, were both big names at the time of production, maybe purposefully they had a strange chemistry. the film has some great camera shots, especially during Chips party at Steven’s and during Steven’s dream. Overall, I have conflicting opinions, Whilst I think the film was creative and had a great story idea, I don’t think it reached its potential, maybe if it had it wouldn’t receive so much negative criticism in popular culture.


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