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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story – Film Review September 15, 2009

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Biopic films are a great way of remembering a legend, and in mocking those biopic films a new legend has been born.

Walk Hard is the story of Dewey Cox (John C Reilly), a Johnny Cash-esque singer who after accidentally killing his brother has to prove his greatness by being doubly great for himself and his brother. After playing “the devils” music a 14-year-old Dewey leaves home with his 12-year-old girlfriend Edith. Only to get a house and a job, and shortly a record deal from a group of jewish men. shortly after becoming famous Dewey meets Darlene (Jenna Fischer) , in which can only be described as a blatant plot rip from Walk the Line, purposely of course. through out the film Dewey Cox has numerous children, wears two wedding rings, tries his hand at sexual carpentry, tries all manner of drugs and goes to rehab twice all the makings of a perfect biopic.

Towards the end of the film Dewey realises he should be spending more time with his children and so decides to play catch with them all one by one, to get to know them better, he buys a large farm and the all live happily, Although incomplete until Darlene returns. fast forward a few years and a now 75-year-old Dewey listens to the rap remix of his song Walk Hard and is told he is in line for an special achievement evening,  but will he agree to doit?

There are a lot of cameos in this film Johan Hill plays Deweys older brothers ghost, Jack White as Elvis Presley, Frankie Muniz as Buddy Holly, Jack Black, Paul Rudd, Justin Long and Jason Schwatzman as the Beatles. and GhostFace Killah, Lyle Lovett, Jewel and Jackson Brown as themselves perform a Walk Hard tribute.

The film was written by comedy legend Judd Apatow, and Orange County director Jake Kasden, who also directed Walk hard. It should have been a sure fire hit, Unfortunately due to low box office sales the film is not seen for the comedic masterpiece it is.

The last thing im going to say in this review is I love Cox, why? Because its true, Walk Hard straight away jumped in to my top 25 films of all time with no competition. The story is great, John C Reilly is great and the soundtrack is my all time favourite movie soundtrack, which knocked the Lion King off of its 14 year reign. Id love to hear the other songs recorded for this movie, as I hear that there where a few that did not make it onto even the extended soundtrack. maybe one day there will be an extended, extended cut for that purpose.


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