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Chasing Amy – Film Review September 9, 2009

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Relationships are hard work, especially if you are in relationship with a newly converted straight partner, or so you think.

Chasing Amy is the story of Holden McNeil played by Ben Affleck, who with friend Banky Edwards (Jason Lee) have created a comic based On Jay and Silent bobs characters from Mallrats “Bluntman and Chronic” as per usual with Kevin Smiths films set in the View Askiewniverse it features a cameo from Jay and Silent Bob, all be it not as prominent as his other films. At a comic book signing, Holden and Banky meet Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams) who Holden instantly falls in love for when they have a “moment” discussing public displays of affection. they meet again in a club, this time Holden thinking he has a chance goes over to Alyssa to talk, only to find out she is a lesbian.

The film then follows the two as Holden tries to convert Alyssa to being straight, which he somehow magically manages to do with a speech about how much he loves her. and the two start a relationship which is shook to the core by the revelation that Alyssa has in fact had male partners previously.

The film focuses on male insecurities towards sex, and there partners past, it shows that sometimes its hard to come to terms with little things, especially if you feel you have been lied to. the conclusion is very funny, whilst not the most obvious ending, it did make me laugh and I personally thought it was a great idea. although the ending shows the characters interactions one year later.

Instead of relying on the dick and fart jokes Kevin Smith’s film are known for this one relys on lesbian jokes to get through, I personally think dick and fart jokes are very funny, but I also found the change in this film to be well suited and just as funny, Chasing Amy is a good film, its fun to watch and is a great study on the insecurities in a relationship.


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