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Monkeybone – Film Review August 22, 2009

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When you think of a film based on a comic book, you think of superheroes, Superman, Batman Spider-man, Generally people don’t think about films like Ghost World and Monkeybone.  Directed by  Henry Selick, the film is shot in live action and Selick’s trademark animation style seen in his more famous films such as James and the Giant Peach and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Monkeybone, is the story of cartoonist Stu who’s cartoon Monkeybone has become a smash hit, Stu is in love with Dr. Julie McElroy, a sleep institute worker who taught him to deal with his terrible nightmares by using his left had to draw. On the night of the cartoons premiere, Stu is about to ask Julie to marry him, Unfortunately a chain of events occur that send him into a coma. Whilst in the coma his spirit ends up in Down Town, a purgatory style carnival land that is the home of his character Monkeybone, the people here watch nightmares for entertainment, and they say that Stu’s were like caviar, This is until Julie fixed his sleeping problems. Stu is later tricked into staying in Down Town, by Monkey Bone, so he can provide new nightmares for the Down Town citizens to watch. As per any film, the next hour or so shows Stu trying to get back to his body, eventually meeting yet again with Whoopy Goldbergs character of Death who decides the fate of our “hero”

Overall the film looks great the animation is dark and signature to the director giving it a familiar feel to his previous films, the chracters costumes look great, and the animation of Monkeybone is spot on. all in all Brenden Frasers monkey antics and Dave Foley’s nightmare scene also helps this film branch in to the comedy catogory

Monkeybone has a strong cult following, and I would go as far as to say it is a film that I would place in my top twennty films. sadly it did not live up to expectations of many who expected another Nightmare Before Christmas or James and the Giant Peach. branching out from Disney could have been Henry Selick’s after all he did go on to direct Coraline. Overall its a fun movie, if taken for what it is a quirky, comedic comic book adaption.


Lilo and Stitch – Film Review August 19, 2009

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48 Years ago Elvis starred in Blue Hawaii, since then Elvis has been cemented in time as a legend, not just for his music but also for his films. And milking this fact is Lilo and Stitch a film from Disney “classic” series. Not many Disney films make it to the classic branding now, with just six films becoming classics since the year 2000. generally traditionally animated, Lilo and Stitch is no exception the water colour backgrounds and the flawless movement of the characters shows why Disney can still get away with traditional animation over big CGI effects. As with all Disney films Lilo and Stitch has its share of lovable characters and family fun.

Lilo and Stitch introduces two characters to Disneys vast library of characters, Lilo is a little girl who just wants to fit in, she lives her sister after the death of her parents. Lilo is not liked by the other girls in her dance group, at the beginning of the film she even bites one of them, receiving the same reaction Stitch did after he bit Captain Gantu. “Does this look infected to you?” Then there is Stitch or 626 an experimental creation of the evil Dr. Jumba Jookiba, Stitch is Waterproof and Fireproof as well as being 3000 times stronger the his size should allow. Exiled to an asteroid an escapee “experiment 626” manages to crash land on earth where he is hit by a lorry and mistaken for a dying dog. and so fate brings Lilo and Stitch together and  all manor of problems Begin.

Other characters include, Lilos sister Nani, who after loosing job after job is struggling to look after her sister, there is Cobra Bubbles, grumpy looking social worker who is in charge of the Lilo case, then there is David, friend of Nani and Lilo who tried his best to help out whilst obviously liking Nani, who obviously likes him back. on the other side of the universe are the aliens, Dr. Jumba Jookiba, creator of Stitch, he is imprisoned but released to capture Stitch with the help of earth “expert” Agent Pleakley.

So after crash landing on earth and being chosen and Lilos pet dog Stitch doesn’t really understand what he is, and after being told the story of the ugly ducking he realises that hes alone and that he needs to find his family, whilst at the same being taught about Ohana, which is not really explained fully in the film, but is shown. The true meaning of Ohana would include ones family and friends and so the characters of David and Stitch would obviously be included in the “ohana” idea. Its far to easy to give the plot of a Disney film away, because  its hard for it to end anyway but predictably. and so all ill say about the plot is it follows Nani as she tried to get another job so she can keep her “broken” family together.

with 3 spin-off movies a television series and a re imagined Japanese TV series. Its obvious that Lilo and Stitch is one of Disney’s big properties, and it was never going to be anything but a classic. overall its a fun family film, that will have you laughing if you take it for what it is a children’s film. I can see a big future for Lilo and Stitch, not only does it have a cult following but it also has a future audience, people who grew up with Disney films, always end up buying them “for there kids” just relive that part of their childhood


Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy – Film Review August 14, 2009

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Anchormen are supposed to be serious, They have an image to up keep, a tough exterior, and must not be emotionally effected by the material they broadcast and they must always follow that tele prompter.

And following a tele prompter is something Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) has down to a tee, or so it seems. Anchorman is the story of Ron Burgundy an anchorman who’s dream is to become the number one network anchor in all of America. The opening introduces the all star channel 4 news team, there’s Champ Kind (David Koechner) The sport commentator known for his catch phrase “Whammy”, Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) in the field reporter and owner of a vast array of different Cologne’s, Brick Tamland (Steve Carell) who with an IQ of just 84 could rival many a weathermen today and finally there is Ron Burgundy San Diego’s top news anchor and jazz flute playing extraordinaire. All is perfect, Channel 4 news is the highest rated in San Diego, but news director Ed Harkin (Fred Willard) decides they need a bit more diversity on the team. Cue Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) an ambitious woman who shares Ron’s dream to be a top network anchor. Confused and “in love” the male members of the team try to come to terms with the dramatic change to there line up.

We follow Ron’s downfall through out the film as he dramticlly says the wrong thing, looses his best friend and gets his “guns” out. Leading up to the final climax of the film, with a story that could make Ron Americas next top network anchor, but will he be able to leave his “glass case of emotion” behind in time to read the news?

Jam packed with guest stars including several members of the Hollywood “Frat Pack” Jack Black, Luke Willson and Ben Stiller as well as Frat pack pledge Seth Rogen, Anchorman proves that any news story can be hilariously funny.

Just as people still quote Some like it Hot and Monty Python Anchorman’s huge bank of one liners is sure to have fans quoting for years to come, and with a huge cult following its no surprise that this film is so widely regarded.

Anchorman is Will Ferrell’s defining role and will definitely be hard for Farrell to top, the line “I’m kinda a big deal” surely applies to him now and with talks of Anchorman 2 on the way its true that “60% of the time it works every time”


Best In Show – Film Review August 11, 2009

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Dog shows have never intrested me, they seem to bring out the worst in dogs. Dogs where not made to perform tricks, they were made to sit at there masters side and and have accidents on your carpet.

Its for this reason that Best in Show is such a clever film, Christopher Guest’s mockumentry ridicules the ficitonal Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show in Philidelphia. the film uses every stereotype and satirical joke it can find often built around the brilliant improvisation seen in the film the movie introduces severel dogs and there owners, who are seen in there natural habitats and then follows there journeys to the kennel club and through the show. where a clueles, missinformed Buck Laughiln played by Fred Willard emcees the event, asking questions about bribing judges, confusing Columbo with the pilgrims and deciding the blood hound would have better chance wearing a sherlock holmes hat and pipe.

Often the owners of the dogs seem more inbread then there purebread counterparts, for exanple Gerry Fleck (Eugene Levy) who was born with two left feet quite littery, and his wife cookie (Catherine O’Hara) whos well known among the kennel clube for her mating habbits, a running joke through out the film is gerry angerd look as another man talks to his wife about time they spent together. The Characters of Meg and Hamilton Swan, Played by Parker Posy and Micheal Hitchcock respectivley, fell in love when there eyes met through Starbucks windows on opposite sides of the street, are horrified when there beloved dog Beatrice can no longer function after she watched them have sex, even therapy couldnt get her through it. Thes Harlan Pepper played by writter and director Christopher Guest, whos love for his blood hound and nuts knows no bounds. Then there is Stefan Vanderhoof (Michael McKean) and Scott Donlon (John Michael Higgins) a gay couple with twin Shih Tzus who gossip frequently about the other dogs and owners throughout the film. Finally there is Sherri Ann Cabot (Jennifer Coolidge) and her OAP millionaire husband, and there lesbian dog training dominatrix who has bought there poodle “Rhapsody in White” to victory for two years running.

As with most mockumentries, the ending is in fact the dog show itself, the final brings all the owers and dogs together. whilst occassionally films of this genre slow down towards the end the tension created by the competition keeps it on track, up the finally and the “what happened next” section.

Guest proves he is king of the mockumentry, a genre he helped create with “This Is Spinal Tap” and other films like “Waiting for Guffman” which started a cast of similar character and a similarly improvised script. Guest managed to take something as borring as a dog show and turn it into a tension filled, comedic film, I look forward to his next mockumentry